Fort Worth Insurance Business Lawsuit Ends With Settlement


Jan. 29–FORT WORTH — A lawsuit filed by the estate of Don Corley Jr., one of the principals of Senior Security Benefits Inc., has been settled out of court for an unknown amount.

As a result of the settlement, the lawsuit was dismissed and another lawsuit cannot be refiled on the same claims.

The lawsuit had alleged that Corley’s two business partners tried to deprive him of his interest in the insurance company that he helped to build.

Corley, 61, had a one-third interest in Senior Security Benefits Inc., a company that he helped grow with the two married defendants who were named in the suit, Gaylan and Dan Hendricks.

Corley died in 2016.

The lawsuit alleged that Gaylan and Dan Hendricks had tried to fire Corley and keep 100 percent of the profits to themselves.

In June 2019, a Tarrant County jury said Corley’s estate should receive $7.2 million.

But Gaylan Hendricks, a founder and chief executive officer of Senior Security Benefits Inc., and her husband and SSBI president, Dan Hendricks, announced Tuesday that they have resolved all disputes with the Corley estate, and joined an agreed final judgment signed on Nov. 18.

The final judgment dismissed all of the estate’s claims. The terms of the parties’ settlement are confidential, according to an SSBI news release.

The attorney representing the Corley family, Brent Brown, declined to comment on the outcome of the case, also citing a confidentiality agreement concerning any settlement between the parties.