Year: 2020

Hacker sells access to hundreds of corporate executives’ email accounts


Hackers are fond of hijacking email accounts, and one of them may have obtained a motherlode of potential targets. ZDNet and Gizmodo report that a hacker is selling claimed access to “hundreds” of C-suite executives’ Microsoft-based email accounts, including CEOs, vice presidents and directors. The targets include the chief of a mid-sized American software company, […]

Can I cancel a credit card application?


Applying for a new credit card can be stressful—but it gets even more stressful when you realize that you’ve just applied for a credit card that you don’t actually want. Maybe the credit card issuer offers two credit cards with similar names and you accidentally chose the wrong one. Maybe […]

Does homeowners insurance cover appliances?


Your homeowners insurance protects you from facing a catastrophic loss in the event of a named peril, which includes fire, tornadoes, burglary, and more. But does it also cover the contents of your home — for example, your appliances? The answer is: it depends. If your kitchen appliances are destroyed […]